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BYO lunch and baby to hang out in the beautiful new family-friendly studio at Rosemont Wellness.

All parents — mothers, fathers, non-gestational, foster, adoptive — are welcome with babes in arms. This informal drop-in session gives you and your tiny dictator(s) a place to meet up with other families for food, conversation, and possibly even a moment to use the bathroom by yourself. Starts March 12, 2018.

World's best baby gift

Give them something they really need: help at home. Ballast & Buoy gift certificates make it easier for parents to eat, sleep, shower, and settle in with baby.

First-class  postpartum family care

Baby on the way? The birth is only the beginning. Bringing a new baby home knocks everyone a bit off course. Ballast & Buoy Postpartum Family Care will help you navigate the postpartum passage by:

  • making sure you are nourished, rested, and validated;
  • coaching you through the practicalities of postpartum recovery;
  • keeping your household organized;
  • listening when you feel like talking and holding space for you when you don’t.

There’s a time when every new parent needs help…usually about the time you walk in the front door. We’ll keep the ship afloat while you settle in at home as a family. Our postpartum doula services will simplify your life for comfort and ease. Whether we’re preparing delicious family meals, running errands, or giving you a little time for yourself, we’ll help you all stabilize and stay afloat.

Ballast & Buoy Postpartum Family Care

Helping families get their bearings when baby comes home.

A postpartum WHAT?

Find out how a postpartum doula can help you be well rested, well fed, and well equipped when baby comes home.

Maine moms agree

“Jessica’s services paid dividends for my entire family, and I recommend her to every pregnant person I know.” (Reid, Portland)

Gift certificates

Give them the best baby gift: practical, professional support at home.