New moms need to be physically and emotionally nourished. We spend all of our time preparing for childbirth, preparing the nursery and taking the labor classes, and we don’t spend as much time talking about what happens when you come home from the hospital. Most of us are doing it without a map. We’re sleep deprived and it’s a struggle. It’s a crazy time in those first few weeks and it’s hard to know whether what’s happening is to be expected, or whether you’ve entered the seventh circle of hell. . .I don’t want to scare first time moms, but I think we’re doing them a disservice to not discuss what the fourth trimester really looks like.

Jessica Thomas

Postpartum doula, Ballast & Buoy

Postpartum doula in Portland MaineI recently spoke with Joyce Brown at 7Q Interviews about being a postpartum doula in Portland, Maine. She asked me why I think new moms are so stressed out. I held forth on celebrity baby bumps, the Pinterest paradox, and finding your sea legs as a new parent. It was a fun conversation!






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