What people are saying about Ballast & Buoy’s services

Having struggled with PPA/PPD after the birth of my first child, I enlisted Jessica’s help for my second postpartum period.  Her support enabled me to engage in the self-care that I needed to maintain my mental and emotional health.  Jessica’s demeanor is warm but firm, which I found comforting during the intensely vulnerable postpartum period, making it possible for me to better care for myself and my family.  She is knowledgeable, resourceful, and has a knack for identifying what needs to be done and doing it.  Maternity leave can be quite isolating, so it also helps that she is also a generally delightful person to be around.  The investment that I made in Jessica’s services paid dividends for my entire family, and I recommend her to every pregnant person I know.

Reid, Portland

I purchased a Ballast and Buoy gift certificate for a friend of mine who was having a baby- Jessica was extremely responsive and helpful to me, and my friend was thrilled with the services she received (including lots of yummy home cooked goodies!) I will certainly be buying other gift certificates in the future.

Laura, Cumberland

Jessica came to our house after our second child was born and my wife went back to work. She not only provided us with essential support with daily tasks such as laundry, dishes, meals, etc. but also was able to hold and love my new little one while I cared for myself by napping or showering. This added support also provided me time and energy to reconnect with my older son in a way I had not been able to since we brought the baby home. Her positivity, encouragement, and problem solving skills were very much valued during this time!

Joanna, Portland

How thankful am I that I became aware of Ballast and Buoy before I had my second baby! Despite my not being a new mom, Jessica’s services were still invaluable. It was a huge help having her come by for a few hours a few times a week to make sure things were going well. There were many ways that she helped in the transition of one child to two including making sure I was as well fed, rested, and clean as possible. These simple things can do wonders for the mental state of the postpartum mother as we can sometimes forget to feed ourselves or just have trouble finding the time or energy. My 3 year old enjoyed her presence as she is great with kids (being a top notch mom herself) and she always made sure my fridge and pantry were stocked as needed. She is also well connected in the community and had great references for various postpartum needs that arose. I had only briefly met Jess before she started her sessions at our home and she blended right in and made everything better. And every new mom should be so lucky as to be pampered by her delicious chocolate chip mama cookies. A+

Tracy, Portland

Having a new baby can be an overwhelming experience. Having someone there to help you navigate is an amazing service! You don’t realize how difficult it becomes to do the simple everyday chores like cooking, cleaning , and laundry. Jessica was a fantastic support person who helped me around the house, made sure I was eating, but just also sat and talked through all my new emotions. She was quiet and unassuming, supportive and kind, a real natural at care giving.

Kat, Gorham