Lunch + baby = Blunch? Lunby? Baby Lunch Date.apples lined up for lunch

Whatever you call it, I am so excited to host this meetup for parents! BYO lunch and baby to hang out in the beautiful new family-friendly studio at Rosemont Wellness. Here is a chance to catch your breath, fill your tank, and connect with other parents.

All parents — mothers, fathers, non-gestational, foster, adoptive — are welcome with babes in arms. This informal drop-in session gives you and your tiny dictator(s) a place to meet up with other families for food, conversation, and possibly even a moment to use the bathroom by yourself. Facilitated by Jessica Thomas, certified postpartum doula and owner of Ballast & Buoy, this time is your time to have adult conversations that do not necessarily revolve around poopy diapers. Unless you want to talk about poopy diapers. It’s all fair game.

The scoop

  • Mondays 12-3 PM at Rosemont Wellness Center 
  • Free parking in our lot and on adjacent side streets
  • Drop in fee is $15 per adult (cash at the door or pay ahead online)
  • Bring your own lunch, or snack, or smoothie. . .or eleventy-billionth cup of coffee because your baby doesn’t sleep for more than 90 minutes at a time. Or half-eaten cup of Cheerios your preschooler tossed on the floor in the backseat. We’ve all been there. Baby Lunch Date is a judgment-free zone, friend.
  • We will not meet on Memorial Day, Labor Day, or Christmas Eve in 2018, but for the rest of the Monday holidays you can count on us to be here.