Co-sleeping? Self-soothing? Crying it out? Baby sleep is mysterious and overwhelming in the early days…and then again around four months…and again any time they have a cold or a developmental leap. When you Google “why won’t my baby sleep” at 4 am, you are quickly buried by the avalanche of opinions out there on the best way to influence your baby’s sleep patterns.

But don’t despair: There is hope! There is help! There are educators out there who can explain it clearly to tired parents.

The Baby Sleep Geek offers virtual consultations for tired parents to get a little empathy, a lot of useful tips, and customized sleep plans.

Dr. Karp is the baby sleep guru and creator of The Happiest Baby on the Block. if you are willing to wade through a lot of sales pitches for the Snoo, his specially designed baby bed, his blog has helpful advice about soothing your baby to sleep.

Gwen Dewar, PhD’s writing style strikes a balance between academic and reassuring. Her Newborn Sleep Patterns: A Survival Guide for the Science-Minded Parent explains many of the reasons why we struggle to get enough rest for ourselves and our babies. This resource might be a bit too detailed if you are looking for quick solutions in the middle of the night, but if you are a person who likes to understand how things work, take a peek during the daylight hours.

For desperate parents in southern/midcoast Maine, BirthMe offers overnight infant care in your home that includes gentle guidance for your baby to develop healthy sleep patterns.

This stage doesn’t last forever, but when you’re seriously sleep deprived, everything feels like a permanent catastrophe. If you are having scary thoughts or panicky feelings, call the PSI warmline at 800-944-4773. You are not alone. You are not to blame. And with help, you will be well.

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