Our very first Baby Lunch Date was a hoot! Thank you to the parents who joined us for cookies and catching up. To all who couldn’t make it this week, I’ll be back at Rosemont Wellness next Monday at 11 am to do it again.

Part of our wide-ranging conversation today was the topic of baby swimming lessons in southern Maine. I promised that I would do a little librarian-ing and put together a list of places nearby that offer water play for the littles. And so, here we are. Did I lose hours of my life looking at stock photos of babies in swimming pools? Possibly. Was it worth it to find snaps of baby Ed Sheeran’s first time in a swimming pool?* Definitely.

Surprised baby looking at swimming pool.


In no particular order:

I will keep adding to this list as I hear about additional options. If you have a recommendation, please email me!


*You might be surprised to learn that that’s not actually Ed Sheeran.

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