Doula Coaching

  • Are you thinking about becoming a doula?
  • Are you blown away by how much doula training costs?
  • Having you been wishing you could take a professional doula out for coffee to pick her brain?

We can all use a little guidance, especially when we’re self-employed in an industry that isn’t recognized enough to have its own NAICS code. I’m a seasoned problem-solver with broad and deep experience, and I’m here to help you navigate. Whether you’re just getting started with your doula training or facing an unexpected challenge in your established practice, we’ll figure it out.

I’ve written Doula or Don’tcha: the no-bullshit guide to getting started to help you chart your course confidently. This free, downloadable PDF features 11 insightful questions from a seasoned professional, designed to help you figure out whether a doula career is a good fit for you. I’ll show you how to identify and plan for the challenges that sink a lot of doulas in their first year of practice…before you invest in an expensive doula training program.

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