Comprehensive postpartum  family care

Our postpartum doula care services are tailored to your particular personality, home life, and interests.

By investing in an extra set of hands at home after your baby arrives, you are investing in your family’s health and well being. The early weeks after a baby’s birth are a time of highs and lows, sunny days and stormy seas. Our role is to help you weather the swells, first by making sure your basic needs are being met, and then by helping you get your bearings as a parent.

This could include:

  • Making you lunch
  • Holding the baby so you can sleep
  • Doing a grocery run
  • Showing you how to use your new baby carrier
  • Organizing closets or drawers

On each home visit, we meet you where you are to provide the help you need most in that moment.

While you are under our postpartum doula care, you can count on us for:

  • A focus on your overall well-being
  • Empathetic advice on postpartum recovery, eating, sleeping, and adjustment
  • Experienced help and instruction on infant care, including feeding, diapering, bathing, and soothing
  • An organized approach to setting your home up for comfort and ease
  • Delicious, nutritious snacks and meals prepared in your kitchen
  • Assistance in planning for your transition back to work, if needed
  • Cookies!

Some things are beyond the scope of our practice:

  1. Medical advice
    We are not licensed to provide medical opinions. Your OB/GYN and your pediatrician are.  If we observe symptoms or situations that fall outside the general norms of postpartum recovery, we will advise you to seek medical attention and can provide recommendations of local health professionals in a variety of specialties.
  2. Childcare 
    Our focus is on you, Mom. While we are delighted to snuggle with your baby so you can take a nap, a shower, or a walk around the block, our role is to help you connect and thrive together in the early weeks of infancy. We are not a nanny service.
  3. Transport
    Because of potential liability, we can not offer you or your baby a ride. If we accompany you to appointments or errands, we will meet you at your destination.


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