Witching hour house calls

If you’re in distress, don’t delay. You don’t have to endure this stage alone. Send me an S.O.S.! 

Call it what you will — the witching hour fits, the sundowner’s blues, the outer limit of your wits — but when your newborn begins the phase of crying every evening, you need all hands on deck. I’m reporting for duty!

Whether you want a baby whisperer, a hot shower, or someone else to figure out what the hell you’re going to eat for dinner (and who will make sure that you actually *do* get to eat it), my witching hour house calls are designed with you in mind.

  • I arrive in the late afternoon with my bacrying babyg of tricks, ready to help you ride it out while your baby sings you the song of her people.
  • I stay for 2 hours and do whatever it takes for your whole family to be fed, clean, and comfortable.
  • I demonstrate different ways to soothe your babe.
  • I give you a brief respite from the stress of uninterrupted wailing.
  • I offer reassurance and reinforcement to you and your partner.

It might feel endless, but this stage does eventually pass. I can visit just once or every night for a month — it’s up to you.

Witching hour house calls are subject to scheduling availability in the greater Portland, Maine area. Questions? Contact me.