GPS for Parents© Facilitator Training



$400 + $12 processing fee

Saturday, October 20th
& Sunday, October 21st
8:30-5:00 in Portland, Maine

CEUs available for social workers (20 contact hours).

This workshop is open to experienced and first time group leaders. Providers of services to ALL parents are invited to participate in this training.

Learn GPS for Parents© in our 2 Day Intensive

“Parenting is a life-long journey and it’s easy to feel lost especially at times of transition and challenge. GPS for Parents© provides the map to help parents find their way.”

We all want to be the best parents that we can be and we want the best for our children. However parenting is challenging — new parents are overwhelmed, we face systemic societal barriers and life circumstances out of our control, and the daily grind of parenting can wear us down. It’s not easy. Parents deserve and need more support than they get.

GPS for Parents© is an integrated and intersectional community-based approach that supports the full spectrum of parenting. It is designed to support new parents, parents struggling with perinatal emotional complications like depression and anxiety, fathers, gender non-conforming and non-binary parents, marginalized parents, parents in recovery, infant/child loss, low income parents, incarcerated parents, and parents targeted by racism, Islamophobia, heterosexism and other oppressions. Please ask if this model would be good for the parents whom you serve.


GPS for Parents© is an evidence-informed group model that will give you the map to support parents in your community. GPS for Parents© is an empowering group experience that provides a safe place for parents to address the challenges they face, hear from others on the path, gain perspective and strength, and chart a course through challenging times.


  • Learn how to provide an evidence-informed model that incorporates cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, mindfulness-based stress reduction and psychosocial education in a warm and accessible group model
  • Learn group leadership skills to provide trauma-informed, empowering group environments through both didactic and experiential learning modalities
  • Explore cultural messages and myths about parenthood that can undermine parental confidence, competence and mental health
  • Learn how to provide a population- and culturally-sensitive, group model for diverse communities
  • Include the values and soul of your community into the heart of GPS for Parents©
  • Merge GPS for Parents© with already-existing educational curricula and learning objectives to enhance deeper engagement


GPS for Parents© is based on over 15 years of model development by both Annette Cycon and Liz Friedman in their work as the co-founders of MotherWoman’s Postpartum Support Initiative and through their development of the MotherWoman Support Group Model. They are proud to introduce GPS for Parents© and offer a new innovative approach for all parents that addresses the multitude of challenges that parents face. As always, Liz and Annette provide an engaging, educational and innovative training experience.

This training is open to experienced and first time group leaders. Providers of services to ALL parents are invited to participate in this training.

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